It’s that big first night


Later that night . . . “Oh yes, it’s morning At Castle Codwallader! Do you suppose there’s anything to eat?”

Then out of the hat . . . video

phooey waiting

TADA! Youth Theater is a pre-professional training company with a resident youth ensemble between the ages of 8 and 18. Artistic and Executive Director Janine Nina Trevens takes every opportunity to train these young actors and teach them what it is like to work in a real, professional show. That includes a lot of rehearsal! […]

As opening approaches . . .


You can tell it’s almost opening when the posters start appearing on the wall.   (Is this a “Where’s Phooey?” kind of thing?)

Four weeks, you rehearse and rehearse . . . video


As the writer, I only got to join the rehearsal process half-way through. It was fun to watch director Janine Nina Trevens and choreographer Joanna Greer put the youthful cast through its paces. Here’s where we were at that point. Still had some work to do!

The Playwright is In the House

junk food check

Junk food? Check. Caffeine? Check. Magic wand? Check. The writer joins rehearsals in progress.